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Snoring is a common occurrence many people experience as they sleep through the night. While mild snoring is generally harmless, severe snoring can wreak havoc on your physical health, emotional well-being, and your relationships with those who are closest to you.


For these reasons, an increasing number of patients have been turning to professional medical help in order to resolve obstructions in their airways that are leading to severe snoring or sleep apnea.

How Can Snoring or Sleep Apnea Affect Me?

When patients experience lengthy interruptions of their regular breathing patterns, they are generally considered to be suffering from sleep apnea. As previously mentioned, this level of severe snoring has countless effects on your physical health, including the following:

  • Low oxygenation levels in the blood, which can lead to constricted blood vessels in the lungs and even pulmonary hypertension
  • Heart strain (high blood pressure, enlarged heart, and increased risk of having a heart attack or stroke)
  • Chronic headaches or migraines
  • Obesity

Severe snoring or sleep apnea can also have the following emotional effects:

  • Poor sleep quality from constant waking and oxygenation
  • Daytime sleepiness and chronic fatigue
  • Irritability from lack of sleep
  • Increased chance of developing mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety

These issues can also create tension between you and your loved one as the volume of your snoring may prevent them from also getting a good night’s rest, and the irritability you may experience begins to affect your relationship negatively. In the event your significant other is also sleep deprived, whether it be from your breathing problems or his or her own, you are both more likely to be short-tempered and irrational without quality sleep.

What Causes My Sleep Apnea or Snoring?

Snoring occurs when your nasal airways become obstructed during your sleep cycle. This can be caused by allergies, chronic or acute sinus infection, deviated septums, or nasal polyps. Poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue or bulky throat tissue can also cause snoring or sleep apnea by putting excess strain on your breathing airway. A long, soft palate or uvula can also be responsible for narrowing the airway between the nose and throat.

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How Can I Correct My Sleep Apnea or Excessive Snoring?

There are many ways you can correct your sleep apnea or severe snoring. At Sinus Center LA, our medical professionals examine your unique anatomy to determine the cause of your sleep apnea. Once a determination has been made, your doctor will discuss your options for treatment.

Here are a few options that may be considered for your treatment:

In some instances, there may be a non-invasive treatment available, such as snoring mouthpieces or CPAP masks.

If you are interested in learning more about snoring or sleep apnea treatment, call Sinus Center LA today at 310-862-2288.